Fiddling Around With Your Network Pitch

Networking Can Be As Shaky As A Fiddler On The Roof

“Matchmaker – Matchmaker , make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch. Matchmaker – Matchmaker look through your book and find me a perfect match.”
I’m certain many of you recognize these lyrics from the Tony Award winning musical Fiddler On The Roof. But unlike this Broadway play’s story line, most of us are not seeking a life mate, but, instead, a match that will help us build our business.

Like meeting that perfect companion, finding that perfect match to help build your business can be quite elusive. As we all know, there are many factors that come into play. The Yenta factor of meeting the right people, building a business relationship and hopefully gaining their trust in order to attain that perfect networking partner can be a very daunting task.

Let’s fiddle around with some of the options to help better the odds of making that perfect business match. One of the most overlooked factors in gaining an introduction is the thirty second commercial, a.k.a. the elevator pitch. Very few people who consider themselves networkers have a very good script. Most tend to highlight the same facts over and over again often using misleading or unfamiliar terminology for those trying to listen. Many pitches repeatedly focus on one key service or benefit which automatically narrows the field of opportunity for the speaker. How often have you heard a phrase like, “The best fit for me” or “My sweet spot is”? It can be nauseating to hear a room full of business professionals repeatedly drone on with the same boring phrases.

In the same vein, when was the last time you heard someone say, “I’m seeking high net worth individuals, or use the term, “trusted advisor”? I will concede that in some cases the “trusted advisor” phrase is appropriate, but that is a rarity. Although said with good intention, these expressions fall short, especially when they are being overused by so many networkers in the financial community.

Instead of a stock phrase, you should consider what you want to say and the Why you do what you do. ( When you take time to be original and find your Why, the results of your new pitch will truly be amazing. People need to know what makes you different from others in your profession and Why you have this passion about the services you provide.

Now let’s fiddle a little more with your pitch. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing as you set your sights on fine-tuning a script. Once you have found your why, expand your matchmaking pitch to other areas of your business that are relevant to making you the star of your profession. For example, if you are in the residential mortgage business, everyone knows you are looking for new home buyers along with those interested in refinancing their current mortgage. We also know because of new government regulations, this process has become very tedious for clients. These obstacles require you to be more creative and have more than one pitch. You may be more successful by creating a pitch for real estate brokers, one for bankers and yet another for credit unions. I can assure you many of your networking partners don’t realize these are all vital connections for a mortgage professional. People need to know about all of the areas that work as a referral base for you. Never assume everyone knows all of the connecting factors that would offer opportunity for you to build your business.

Another example of a networker facing a unique challenge is the wealth manager with a focus on high net worth individuals. Where do you go to find potential clients in this economic environment? It’s time to get creative and tune-up your pitch. One unique way of making a unique connection is by building a relationship with a great personal injury attorney . Think about the Yenta factor here. It may sound obscure to some, but this would be a perfect match for a financial advisor. Personal injury attorneys or employment lawyers representing the plaintiff, service many individuals who experience a sudden financial windfall. Quite often, this client has no idea of what to do with their new-found wealth. At times, these clients are awarded millions of dollars and have no one to guide them on how to protect their new fortune. Viola! Suddenly they have become a prime connection — a.k.a. high net worth individual. In most cases this client will look to the attorney who achieved this award and ask him or her to recommend someone who can help advise them on this sudden financial gain — if you had the relationship, they would be recommending you!

As you can see, there is not a fool-proof method for creating the perfect networking pitch. Creativity is the key! Maybe it’s time for you to just fiddle around with some of these ideas? Fine tune your Why – along with the benefits and strengths you bring to a client. Develop a list and write those unique facts down in a logical, no-nonsense, sincere script. Now you have the perfect manuscript to create a unique thirty second commercial — elevator pitch. Be yourself, rehearse your script with a friend or associate and perhaps you too will make sweet music with the perfect pitch.