Network Of Opportunity – Feature Profile: George Ruthauser

Network Of Opportunity is a unique forum in which we pose a series of concise questions to a wide variety of successful business leaders, politicians and artists, who share their unfiltered insight into the past – present and future of the world.

George Ruthauser, Business Document Manager
George Ruthauser, Business Document Management Expert, Playwright, Voiceover Artist

George’s focus is on business development and sales for all of GRM‘s information management services including document storage, electronic document management, certified destruction and data protection. He covers the New York/New Jersey region and is responsible for acquiring new corporate accounts while “upselling” existent, larger GRM accounts.

Additionally, George is a voiceover artist, actor and playwright. For 14 seasons, he was the Public Address Announcer for the New Jersey Jackals and created Jackals P.A. Heroes, a program designed to give a public address announcing experience for children with physical disabilities, limitations and challenges.  Currently, his voice can be heard on commercials, television documentaries, website presentations and voice mail systems for major corporations in the Tri-State Area. George has also written several one-act plays which have been performed in New York City theater festivals.  His newest work, a monologue entitled “The Death of Me”, will be produced this Fall at the Grove Street Theater in Montclair.

Since 2009 George has been a very active and important member of American Business Associates (ABA) – Meadowlands business development council.


Network of Opportunity questions:


1) Who do you most admire in life?

I know this may sound corny, but I truly admire my wife. I admire her professional resilience, the love and guidance she provides our daughter and the incalculable ways she has made me a better person.

2) If you had the chance for a “do-over” in life what would you do differently?

George Is Also An Accomplished Playwright

There were two, specific incidents that occurred in my youth, that if given a do over, I most definitely would choose the other path. I don’t know for sure if either decision would have significantly altered the course of my life. My guess is, in some way, small or large, either or both would have.  The first happened when I was twelve.  I was invited by the local high school quarterback to try out for the same position on a youth team he was coaching.  The first organizational meeting took place on a summer, Saturday morning. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, my parents were late in taking me there.  By the time I arrived, the group of players and coaches had already assembled. Admittedly, I was terribly embarrassed and shy to join the meeting already in progress.  I didn’t end up joining that team and never played organized football.  While I have no illusions that the other road would’ve have carried me to the NFL, I often wonder what effect it might’ve had on many aspects of my life.  The other incident took place in my freshman year of college.  One of my roommates asked me to accompany him to a meeting at the college radio station.  Having just been accepted into a fraternity, I rejected his invitation in favor of spending time with the guys.  To this day, I regret not following his lead.  I’m not one-hundred percent sure if hanging out at WAMU instead of the Phi Sig house would’ve made a major difference in my life.  I can only wonder.

3) What do you enjoy the most about your business?

That GRM can provide cost-effective improvements to records and information management programs for virtually all companies and organizations, regardless of their size or nature of their business.

4) In five years, you will be …..?

Alive!  Celebrating the college graduation of my daughter.  And, hopefully, doing things that bring me boundless joy and gratification.

Voice Over Artist George Ruthauser
George’s Mellifluous Voice Can Be Heard On His Many Voiceovers And Stage Acting

5) What do you want to be known for?

At a very young age, my mother instilled in me the virtue of the Golden Rule.  I’d like to be known as someone who treats others fairly and with respect because that’s how I like to be treated.  Are you still working on it?  Every single day.

6) What is your belief about networking?

It’s not a revolutionary philosophy but I strongly adhere to the belief that if you give, give, give, give, give, you will ultimately receive.

7) You are well known for your outside interest – including voice over work and acting. How do those interest fit into your future plans?

First, I’m not sure if I’m well known for them.  LOL!  Regardless, the beauty of my outside interests is that as long as I can remain reasonably healthy, I’ll be able to do voice overs, act and write for many years to come.